Unleash the power of integration & automation

with the most powerful integration & automation workflow platform backed by our trademark magic

The opportunity

In a competitive digital landscape, integrations and automation are key

Technology companies must capitalise on every advantage to stay ahead of the curve. However, the challenges of software development and support can slow you down, leaving you feeling frustrated and lagging behind your competition. Manual processes, single points of failure, and the limitations of third-party apps, all consume valuable time and resources.

These challenges can be a major drag on your digital transformation and competitive advantage.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

There is a better way…

Introducing FuseGenie®

Your integration and automation partner that’s rewriting the playbook

Our platform connects apps, workflows, platforms and data to supercharge revenues and enhance customer and employee experiences for technology companies, such as SaaS providers, Telcos, MSPs and their partners.

FuseGenie® is your technology partner with the industry expertise and the flexible platform you need to fully leverage your software investment and unleash your full potential.

For SaaS, Software, Platform, and Marketplaces

Getting to scale in the SaaS and the platform world is crucial. Our platform and rapid delivery model for integrating the widest possible range of apps, workflows and partners is the key to growth and success.

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For Partnerships

Every business partnership today is forged with a digital connection. Whether you already have an API-led strategy or you are just starting out on your integration journey in support of better partnerships, FuseGenie® can help you run better, grow your partner network faster and deliver more value.

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For ICT providers

The technology stack you have to operate is ever-wider, more diverse and increasingly software-centric. Take control, do more and optimise the value of your customer relationships with FuseGenie® as your integration and automation partner.

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FuseGenie® Magic

We are more than just a platform. It’s all about partnership and our trademark magic

What you want…

  • Rapid delivery of an integration strategy that works
  • 100’s of pre-built connectors covering the apps you care about out of the box
  • Integrate or automate with any published API

…How you want it

  • Fully productised for easy deployment
  • Via a Marketplace for your customers and partners
  • Fully supported for a great experience

And we will deliver it.

  • Flexible, modular and scalable
  • No code, free up your developers
  • Market insight, outstanding service and strategic guidance

They say be careful what you wish for, we knew what we wanted, how we wanted it and when we wanted it. FuseGenie granted all three.

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