‘Don’t let software integrations eat you up…’

“software is eating the world”

Marc Andreessen, Wall Street Journal, 2011

  • The global software applications market was valued at USD 9.6 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 16.3 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 9.1%.
  • There were over 23,000 software publishers in the world as of April 2021, around 16,000 of which were Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies.
  • Over 100,000 software startups launched globally in 2020, which equates to an average of over 1,900 startups per week.
  • According to a widely cited study by Harvard Business School it is estimated that around 75% of all software startups fail eventually, and a substantial portion of these fail within the first two years.

Today, every business depends on software to run, improve and grow.

Accounting, design, sales. manufacturing, logistics, marketing, training, compliance, HR, all use software applications to achieve their goals.

Some applications are universal like email or spreadsheets, while others are closely targeted on the needs of very specific customers like dentists, insurance brokers or yoga instructors.

In such a software-dependent, fast-moving and interconnected world there is increasing demand for software apps to integrate with each other, across teams and between businesses.

For example, why shouldn’t a new visitor to your website be able to schedule time directly in the relevant salespersons calendar, have that logged in your CRM system while automatically triggering a nurturing email campaign in your marketing automation and having a summary of that whole engagement published on your Sales team’s collaboration and messaging channel?

When software is better integrated it speeds innovation, accelerates time to revenue for new products, improves the customer experience and reduces friction and latency in our business processes.

BUT – the proliferation of software has not been based on consistent design and development practices, instead offering a complex environment of competing and conflicting standards, interfaces and data that presents significant obstacles to integration and the benefits it can deliver.

With the explosion of software applications, building and maintaining integrations continues to be a mission-critical challenge for technology companies such as SaaS providers, platform businesses, marketplaces and others that require automation and integration.

To meet these demands, Technology companies resort to traditional strategies:

Building integrations with their in-house development resources, outsourcing to different contractors, or sending their users to third-party tools.

But these strategies pose critical challenges:

  1. Compatibility: One of the primary challenges of integrating app is ensuring that different applications are compatible with each other. Applications may be built on different technologies and APIS, which can lead to compatibility issues. They may have different requirements and dependencies, which can make it difficult to integrate them seamlessly and result in a poor user experience.
  2. Data security: Integrating apps in a SaaS environment can pose a security risk if proper security measures are not put in place. Sensitive data may be exposed or vulnerable if not properly protected.
  3. Data consistency: Maintaining data consistency across different applications is critical. If data is stored in different locations under the control of different applications, it can be difficult to ensure that it is consistent and up-to-date.
  4. User experience: If the integration between apps is not seamless and easy to manage, users may experience a disjointed or inconsistent experience, which can lead to frustration and decreased productivity with an eventual reduction in wider adoption, satisfaction and retention.
  5. Maintenance: Maintenance is another challenge when integrating apps in a SaaS environment. If one of the integrated applications undergoes an update or change, it can break the integration and require additional maintenance and support to fix.

All of this leads to wasted development time and a poor customer experience.

There is a better way…

FuseGenie® is the integration and automation platform that’s rewriting the playbook.

Our technology is designed to connect apps, automate workflows, and supercharge revenue for SaaS, Platform and Provisioning players in technology-forward marketplaces.

Our platform is no-code, meaning you won’t need to invest precious product and development resources into learning new platforms.

Our team have run some of the most successful software companies in the UK IT and communications channel. We understand the challenges and opportunities that brings and are passionate about working with businesses that are committed to building high productivity, customer-centric experiences through data-rich integration and automation.

With offices in the UK and US, our proven no-code platform connects your apps and automates your workflows at scale, delivering results between 10-100x faster than ever before.

Our seamless integration allows your app to integrate and automate data with the many different applications that your customers use. This not only delights your customers and provides an opportunity for monetization, but also reduces churn, gives you a true competitor advantage, and enhances brand loyalty.

Powering Your Partnerships

We know you are faced with valuable integration and automation opportunities in your customers and partners but at the same time its difficult to find and redirect resources to address these. Our platform is the intelligent glue between you and your partners, managing integration updates and support on behalf of all parties. By leveraging our platform, you can develop new business relationships and revenue streams.

Automate any API

Our platform allows you to automate anything from customer experiences to internal team processes or syncing data between different applications. Our flexible technology makes it easy for you to streamline your workflows and conserve precious product and development resources. Our team takes care of all the integrations, automations, and data flows for you, resulting in a 10-100x faster route to market with unrivalled white-glove support.

Embed 100+ applications inside your platform with our pre-built connectors

It’s not hard to get started with FuseGenie® . Right off the cloud, we provide access to over 100 of the most popular SaaS applications with the ability to scale, customise and monetise any combination of the leading business applications that are powering todays businesses. This happens right inside your existing platform with just a few clicks.

Gain insights into feature usage with analytics

Integrating applications is one thing. Knowing how those integrations are actually being used is another – and creates even more value in your applications portfolio. FuseGenie®  offers unique insight into the ways that your software integrations are being deployed and adopted, providing the opportunity to improve and expand your offerings and increase customer and partner stickiness.

‘Even when you know how it works, it still looks like magic.’

At FuseGenie® , we complement our platform with our signature magic.

We understand the unique challenges of building a technology-forward, software-dependent business.

We take pride in delivering an unparalleled experience from start to finish. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest quality service and support.

We recognise that your business is unique, which is why we provide a tailored solution that meets your specific needs.

When you are faced with the inevitable challenge of integrating the software applications you and your customers, partners and people depend on, don’t let it eat you up.

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