How the magic happens


At FuseGenie, we’re proud of our platform

Built on years of experience, it has already helped countless technology companies achieve their software integration and automation goals.

Developed on a solid foundation comprising orchestration, connectors, presentation and monetisation layers, the FuseGenie platform is designed to support workflows from the simple to the complex. Triggers, source data, logic, formatting, and in-app actions are all uniquely combined to meet your specific needs – without a line of code being written or needing to be maintained.

We don’t just deliver this platform, we go beyond. Our trademark magic delivers ‘what you want, how you want it’, delivered through our values of imagination, generosity and a growth mindset.

Powerful, flexible, adaptable, proven.

Trademark Magic


What you want

Bring us the requirements and our expert team will advise, scope and design the solution that works.


How you want it

We build, customise, and configure solutions that are to your specifics needs. Our focus goes beyond mere functionality, as we strive to create an offering that entices you to effectively market and support it for both your in-house team and valued customers.


Tested & Proven

We test to industry best practice standards. Provide and show you the tools that support you, and give you the confidence to forge an integration strategy now and for the future.


Live & Delivered

Go ‘Live’ with proven 24/7 in-platform support for you, your people and your customers.

For SaaS, Software, Platform and Marketplace

Attract and retain more customers. We help build product integrations for your application up to 100x faster. Our platform is purpose built for native integration.

Build integrations

Together we build the integrations and workflow automations your users want. No matter how complex this can scale to as many as you need.

Your marketplace

We can help take things to the next level by creating your own in-app or on-platform marketplace that reflects your brand’s visual identity. Showcase your integrations with the leading apps or specialised vertical market solutions.


Gain insights into which integrations are most viewed, used and requested so you can shape and support your integration roadmap.


Optimise the monetisation potential of your integrations by configuring user access, tailor packages as well as price plans.


Our platform is no-code, meaning you won’t need to invest precious product and development resources into learning a new platform.

x100 SPEED

Automate your workflows at scale, delivering results up to 100x faster than ever before.

Accelerate your product roadmap

Accelerate delivery from months to days, repeatedly. A portfolio of integrations drives customer engagement, satisfaction and retention.

White Label your 3rd party integrations

Allow your customers to connect their apps without leaving your product.


Go ‘live’ with proven 24/7 in-platfrom support for you, your people and your customers.

Monetise your integrations

Providing a valuable and easy-to-use experience that customers will pay for in order to gain the economies and efficiencies that your integration portfolio offers.

Reduce technical debt

Eliminate integration technical debt and focus on your core product, not fragile integration code.


Make customisation not just a possibility, but easy and inevitable. Work with us on what you want and how you want it. Most importantly we maintain it as and when required.

The technology ecosystem is a web of partnership, alliances and channel relationships

Partnerships and alliances are critical in delivering modern technology solutions, fostering collaboration, innovation and market expansion.

Increasingly, this employs software applications and platforms as an alliance ‘operation system’, creating a need for tighter integration between partner business models.

An effective software integration strategy delivers mutually beneficial relationships, expanding market reach, and enhancing the combined value proposition of the products and partners involved.

FuseGenie® believes success in this ecosystem is measured by the ability to deliver value to the ultimate customer.

Challenges we overcome together

Integration complexity

Different technology solutions use various data formats, APIs, and workflows, which can make integration between systems complex and time-consuming.

Limited technical resources

Partners may have limited technical resources available to devote to projects, which can slow down the integration process.

Competing priorities

Partners may have competing priorities and may not be able to devote sufficient time and resources to partnership activities.

Compatibility issues

There may be compatibility issues between different technology solutions, which can cause integration problems and limit the functionality of the integrated systems.

Delivering the trademark magic…

In partnership

Our platform, combined with our trademark magic, enables us to deliver solutions to partner-led companies that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Faster integration

Helping to streamline the integration process and reduce the time and resources required for integration projects.

Reduced technical burden

Free up your technical resources to focus on other projects and priorities.

Improved functionality

FuseGenie® can help to ensure that integrated systems are fully functional and meet the needs of both partners.

Increased scalability

FuseGenie® can ensure that their solutions are scalable and can handle increasing volumes of data and transactions.


FuseGenie® can customise your solutions. This can include: custom connectors, configuring workflows, and building custom integrations to your specifications.

Cost savings

Partnering with FuseGenie® can be cost-effective, as the partner can leverage our expertise and resources without having to hire and train additional staff.

Access to expertise

FuseGenie® provides access to a team of experts who specialise in integration and automation, with deep knowledge of the latest technologies and best practices.


FuseGenie® provides a flexible approach to integration, adapting to the needs and priorities of each partner to ensure that the integration project is a success.

Risk mitigation

FuseGenie® helps mitigate risks with integration projects, as the partner can leverage our experience and expertise to identify and address potential issues.

The power of a seamless technology stack

Integrating cloud-based applications, on-premises software, and hybrid environments is a daunting task.

At FuseGenie®, our platform infused with our Trademark Magic, acts as connective tissue, seamlessly orchestrating the flow of data across your applications, systems, and services.

We breathe life into once-isolated solutions, transforming them to help you break free from information silos and discover a world of possibilities.

Our expert guidance weaves your technology stack into a tapestry of efficiency.

Our commitment is to unleash the full potential of your software technology, overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities in this ever-changing landscape.

How FuseGenie® Partners are embracing the integration and automation opportunity

Driving efficiencies and improving processes

Eliminating manual tasks to increase productivity

Unifying fragmented systems and applications

Optimising day-to-day business workflows

Enhancing customer support to minimise churn

Scaling business operations while staying on budget


of companies face an increased volume and variety of data. And 65% of organisations believe the number of applications and systems in use has spiked.


Market research has found that companies lose 20 to 30 percent of their revenue to efficiencies every year.


It’s all in the numbers!


Increase in ROI


Boost to Development Efficiency


Increase Win Rate


Reduced Maintenance Cost

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